I have had a lot of fun and gains from playing around with Facebook ads on a dollar ($1) budget per day. I have done this a number of times for some small businesses in Nigeria and have seen it get us the desired result.

To be fair, I have a good idea of what I’m doing. It wasn’t all trial and error. I have my audience segmentation and targeting figured. So that you don’t read this and start throwing $1 at anything and everything. Well $1 a day isn’t a lot of money and if you pay attention, you will know when to stop or adjust things.

For small businesses in Nigeria that do not have a lot of money to spend and not sure Facebook ads is for them, $1 is something I’d recommend. It is pretty easy to start small, measure and use the lessons to optimize further. Testing, digging into analytics to measure is vital for a digital marketer.

I just completed a $1 for 14 days ads and the major thing is that relevancy is everything. Make sure your ads is very relevant to the target audience. Focus on the exact audience you need/want to sell to immediately. Nothing dreamy. I got the relevance score of 7 which helped get good results.

– With good relevance, you will get engagement. You should always watch out for the relevance score so that you can tweak your advert and the audience you are targeting.
– As your advert is quite relevant to the audience, cost per post engagement will go really low. For the campaign, it was $0.03
– We got 860 links (the link tracker tool reported 954 anyway) and 390 new Facebook page likes while at it.
– 36 people shared it. That means we are going to be reaching more people who our ads didn’t target but friends of the 36 people. Isn’t that just nice?
– 2400 people reacted to the post itself. Lovely
– 17 people commented. We got some inbox messages and many emails.

This is just a quick snapshot of what happened with our latest test and to say that even $1 per day can get you good results if you know what you are going for, target and reach your audience very well.

green institute Ondo

The campaign was ran for the Green Institute Ondo, Nigeria.

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